The Challenge

Our task was to reflect the exceptional quality of cocoa-based products, highlighting the meticulousness of the artisanal process, and exalting the work of the hands that create these products. We needed to express elegance and exclusivity without falling into extravagance, thus achieving a brand that not only delights the palate but also captivates the other senses.

Type of Project​






The Process

Together with the entrepreneurs and through a brand workshop, we managed to elucidate the personality, essence, mission, vision, and value proposition of Carao. With these strategic inputs, we developed a graphic universe that gave identity and direction to this project.

What did we do?

Research and Analysis​

Brand DNA​

Brand Personality​

Tone of Voice​

The Result

Taking the fox as a symbol of audacity and elegance, we linked it with a logo designed to communicate luxury and good taste. From there, we designed an entire packaging architecture that had order and identity—an identity that not only conveyed the richness and distinctive flavor of cocoa products but also reflected the care and dedication invested in each creation.

What did we do?

Brand Essence​

Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition​

Brand Look and Feel​

Brand Architecture

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