We are a workshop because we follow the trail of knowledge, sniff out business excellence, and hunt down with determination what you need to adapt to the challenges presented by a constantly changing world.


When asked why we are called this way, the answer has two parts. We chose the word ‘workshop’ because it connotes a place where things are produced and also a place where learning takes place. ‘Sabueso’ is a breed of dog with a very keen sense of smell, it loves to dig and not just settle for what its eyes show it.

For us, the ‘Sabueso’ or hound represents everything that makes a good designer, and it’s our way of approaching projects. We believe in following clues and connecting what may not seem connected at first glance. We believe in going beyond the surface and delving as deeply as possible to get to the essence of things.

We call ourselves ‘El Taller del Sabueso’ because this is a space where we create powerful brands but also teach how to make them, where we design visionary businesses and share the methodology to build them, a space where we sniff out opportunities, chase ideas, and wag our tails at powerful projects.



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