The Challenge

We needed to effectively communicate how Hound Society’s mission is to break down the taboos associated with male grooming and redefine classic, macho masculinity. The challenge was to break away from entrenched stereotypes, visually conveying a vision of masculinity that embraces authenticity and diversity through a sober and elegant aesthetic.

Type of Project​

New Brand


Personal Care / Health



The Process

We began with workshops involving key stakeholders (the founders and the target audience). We delved into the purpose, vision, and values, assisting the founders in defining the culture they wanted to build. We researched the competitive landscape and market opportunities to define the objectives of the product experience. The process helped lay the groundwork for the brand strategy and its subsequent graphic development.

What did we do?

Research and Analysis​

Brand DNA​

Brand Personality​

Tone of Voice​

The Result

The logo, color palette, and typographic choice were carefully selected to convey the idea of modern masculinity that embraces personal care as an integral part of self-expression and well-being. While maintaining the premium aesthetic required for the project, we challenged stereotypes by encouraging men to confidently embrace their own personal care rituals.

What did we do?

Brand Essence​

Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition​

Brand Look and Feel​

Packaging Design

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