The Challenge

In a world saturated with the virtual, our goal was to convey the authenticity and value of the in-person experience, highlighting human connection, tangible creativity, and hands-on learning. We needed to create an identity that celebrated the artisanal, the real, and the sensory, setting us apart from other platforms that focus on the digital experience.

Type of Project​

New Brand




Bogotá, Colombia

The Opportunity

Through a rigorous research process and strategic foundations that led us to design the DNA, personality, and essence of “Seré Será,” we managed to create a brand identity that was graphically translated from a logo evoking the concepts of connection and creativity. These concepts were further expanded in the brand’s graphic universe through its various applications.

What did we do?

Research and Analysis​

Brand DNA​

Brand Personality

Tone of Voice​

The Result

Our logo became a source of inspiration for a wide range of patterns symbolizing the diversity of skills that “Seré Será” develop through their courses. The vibrant and rich color palette reflects the vitality of creativity and passion for art and craftsmanship. The result is a visual identity that not only represents the “handmade,” but also communicates the human value in the act of teaching and learning beyond a computer screen.

What did we do?

Brand Essence​

Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition​

Brand Look and Feel

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