The Challenge

We had to create an image that captured the nostalgic essence of the disco era while reflecting the originality and freshness of this young DJ’s musical proposal. The challenge was to unite two seemingly opposite worlds in a cohesive visual identity that evoked the energy and glamour of the 1960s dance floor while pointing towards an exciting musical future.

Type of Project​

New Brand





The Process

We orchestrated a brand strategy that aimed to transfer that rebellious and youthful spirit to Disco Bogotá’s vision, mission, and value proposition. We crafted a communication framework that hits the mark. This work resulted in a brand strategy that was visually translated into a rich and vibrant visual universe.

What did we do?

Research and Analysis​

Brand DNA​

Brand Personality​

Tone of Voice​

The Result

We designed a multiple logo system, and likewise, created a complementary system using psychedelic shapes and vibrant colors. This was balanced with a timeless layout style and a combination of typefaces that take us back to the 60s while not forgetting the futuristic aspect of this musical proposal. As always, we saw a huge opportunity in the tone of voice for powerful and bold communication.

What did we do?

Brand Essence​

Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition​

Brand Look and Feel​

Brand Architecture

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