The Challenge

The challenge involved conceptualizing and developing visual identities for eight ventures located in the Meta department, Colombia. These projects are part of the MAS Program, a joint initiative between the ‘Universidad de los Andes’ and Ecopetrol. We were given a two-month deadline to carry out the comprehensive design of the corporate identity and brand applications corresponding to each of these ventures.

Type of Project

New Brand


Food /Tourism / Education


Meta, Colombia

The Process

Through the execution of a brand workshop in collaboration with the entrepreneurs, followed by thorough research, we managed to outline the personality and distinctive essence of each of the projects. Building on this foundation, we were able to consistently develop the graphic language of these ventures, aimed at their transformation into solid and distinctive brands.

What did we do?

Research and Analysis​

Brand DNA​

Brand Personality​

Tone of Voice​

The Result

Ultimately, we managed to conceive eight brands that met the demands of the market, endowed with a distinctive personality that singled them out uniquely among their competition. Additionally, we provided entrepreneurs with a comprehensive set of graphic tools. This approach not only aimed to prevent their projects from relying solely on a simple “logo,” but on the contrary, it bestowed upon them a versatile graphic universe that gave them a clear and solid identity.

What did we do?

Brand Essence​

Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition​

Brand Look and Feel​

Packaging Design

Illustration Design

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