The Challenge

The task was to escape from the usual clichés, infusing the brand with distinctive freshness and irreverence. Being a new brand, we needed to make a strong entry into the market, with a proposal that offered something new to the public and not only that, but also connected with them beyond the product.

Type of Project​

New Brand





The Process

The development of this branding began with our research and planning process designed for visionary brands seeking a bold and coherent strategic compass. By partnering with us, Chickenin’ bet on innovation and aimed to bring a brand to life, not just a business venture.

What did we do?

Research and Analysis

Brand DNA

Brand Personality​

Tone of Voice​

The Result

Uncomplicated, irreverent, and above all, delicious… These were the pillars of the visual identity system of Chickenin’. Designed to emanate that free spirit and convey the unique essence of this brand and its products… A provocative feast that awakens the senses and redefines the gastronomic experience, challenging the established expectations in the world of fast food.


What did we do?

Brand Essence

Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition

Brand Look and Feel

Packaging Design

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