The Challenge

Our task was to create an identity that not only inspired managers and professionals but also resonated with anyone looking to unlock their potential as a leader in any facet of life, whether as a family parent or as the captain of their amateur soccer team. The complexity lay in conveying the versatility and universal applicability of leadership skills without losing sight of authenticity and empathy.

Type of Project

New Brand




360 Y UNO

The Process

Through an in-depth evaluation of the culture and stakeholder interviews, our team gained a 360 y Uno view of the intricacies of the business and the brand’s service. We collaborated with the founder on creative solutions to communicate and amplify what, why, and how 360 y Uno enhances leadership skills. This collaborative experience culminated in strategic insights that drove the design of the brand’s visual identity.

What did we do?

Research and Analysis

Brand DNA

Brand Personality

Tone of Voice

The Result

From our logo, we created a hidden symbol that evokes a vision that goes beyond 360 degrees, symbolizing the brand’s comprehensive leadership perspective. Combined with a metaphorical photographic style, a sober color palette, and an eloquent tone of voice, we forged a unique identity that sets 360 y Uno apart from obvious and generic paths.


What did we do?

Brand Essence

Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition

Brand Look and Feel

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