DISCO- BOGOTÁ The Challenge We had to create an image that captured the nostalgic essence of the disco era while reflecting the originality and freshness of this young DJ’s musical proposal. The challenge was to unite two seemingly opposite worlds in a cohesive visual identity that evoked the energy and glamour of the 1960s dance …

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MUSSA The Challenge The challenge involved blending luxury with excitement. The idea was to capture the essence of elegance and adventure, creating an image that reflects both the sophistication of these luxury experiences and the unique camaraderie among women who share a passion for exploration, all under the essence and spirit of the 1960s… The …

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Es De Humanos

ES DEHUMANOS The Challenge The challenge was to design the visual identity for a podcast that aims to speak from the heart, without the pretension of expertise, and focused on the human experience. The task involved visually translating the authenticity and sincerity that characterize the podcast conversations. Type of Project​ New Brand Industry​ Entertainment Location …

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